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What possibilities are there?

What makes sense?

Why should your 2CV motor have more power?

Nearly every 2CV-driver knows the feeling whilst driving up a little hill or a small mountain the 2CV moves slower and slower, so you know that this little car has to work hard to reach the summit, and behind you there is an impatient car driver, so close to your rear end that if you look into your rear-view mirror you can easily see the white in his/her eyes. At each hill you have to change down into the third or even the second gear, and it is even worse if there are more people in the car than just you. My tuning parts are thought to be of some help in such situation, but they do not make a racing car out of your 2CV.

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Sparky, the ultimative ignition system



Possibilities to get more power:

The cheapest way: Optimize existing technology. In plain language:

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