the improved ignition-system for your 2CV.

Das Innenleben der 'Sparky'
The installation is childishly simple:

I have developed this ignition-system specially for the 2CV. It is the result of almost 3 years of work and tests. Inside of the ignition-system you will find only high quality electronic components, which are already have been tested in the heat of the Death Valley. ( California )

But this is more than an ordinary transistorized ignition.
To make the spark as powerful as possible the ignition coil gets it's power supply direct from the battery and not across the ignition lock and other 'unknown' ways. Further this ignition has an automatic ignition coil current watchdog. That means that the coil current will be disabled if the engine isn't running for more than 2 seconds. That prevents the ignition coil from burn out if the ignition key is switched on but the engine isn't running. For example, when your radio is not connected directly with the battery and you have to switch on the main power for operating the radio.

Why does your 2CV need a transistorized ignition system?
When your 2CV does not to start in the morning or when the car runs badly usually the ignition timing  is wrong adjusted or the contact is burned out. The ignition breaker is subject to a great deal of wear and tear. That means that you have to check or even change the breaker at least at 5000 km (3000 Miles). Unfortunately only a few 2CV pilots really do this work. When the ignition timing becomes bad the engine power decreases the gas consumption increases and the engine is unwilling to start. It can even destroy the motor! 

The chief difference between a normal ignition and a transistorized ignition is that the coil current doesn't flows across the breaker. Only a little control current runs across the breaker and gives it a much longer life. The main current is switched on and of by a transistor. This transistor also does this job much better than the breaker what  produces a much better and powerfull ignition-spark.

Two cables linked to the ignition coil .

Anschluß an die Zündspule
Anschluß an die Batterie

The black and the 
red cable
connected to the 

Fix the box with a screw right next to the battery.

hier wird die Zündung befestigt
Anschluß an die Kabel The last two cables 
plug into the old coil cables. Fix the cables with cable ties. 
That's it.

This ignition has three important advantages:

  • Because there is no longer a current of more then 3 ampere at the breaker the breaker lives much longer.
    A lifetime of more then 50000 km is normal and up to 100 000 km is even possible.
  • The power of the spark's increases. The engine runs more gently. The motor is easier to start.
  • The timing is constant over along period of time. The motor  always has perfect timing and you don't loose power and waste gas.

You see that you can save a lot of money and a lot of work with this ignition-system.

Your ignition is now maintenance-free for more than
50000 km!

You will need only 10 minutes for the installation.

Lifetime guarantee !

This  ignition-system for
your 2CV is only:

85.- € + shipping


Do you want to have a look onto the installation manual ?
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August 15th 2003