Adam Reif's little paradise

We spent our first night of the tour at Adam's castle. A beautiful place. He lives there with a friend. Unfortunately we have forgotten his name. (Adam, if you read this send us his name). A few meters away from the house he has a little 'laboratory' were they invent and build engines.
I invited ourself via e-mail two days before. For our luck they gave us a warm welcome. Otherwise we may never learnt a very important thing: What is a "s'more" and how to make them. So bad that we have no pictures of the two guys.


This is Adams castle..


What is so special in this picture?

The hood of the 2CV. It is at least
5 years older than me. ( Iīam born '68)
There is not even a little spot of rust.

bild12.jpg (13114 Byte)
Adam has more 2CV's and other great
CitroŽns at his property then I have
seen in the 8 weeks in the United States.

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