San Francisco and the Golden Gate.

We spent the first and the last week of our 8 weeks vacation in San Francisco and it is still my favoured city in the U.S.
So if you want to fly to the USA and you still not sure were to go: Visit San Francisco.

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San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco without a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge? No!

I can remember the moment I saw the bridge the first time like it was just yesterday and it was like: Woooh !!

bild10.jpg (14374 Byte) Alcatraz:

You can make a boat trip to the famous prison. As much impressiv as the jail itself is the fantastic view over the town you have from the island.

Visiting Alcatraz is a must when you are in SF.



bild11.jpg (21901 Byte) SF downtown:
On the left side the American Building.

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