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You may already asked yourself:

How does a motor work to produce power ?
What exactly does the ignition do and how does the carburetor work?

The intension of the following pages is to give you answers to these questions and to give you an insight into the technology of an internal-combustion engine especially the 2CV engine.
You will not find any 'do it yourself' tips!

The following topics are available now:

(Pages with this flag are only in German yet)
The ignition-system:
select.gif (489 Byte) what is the origin of a spark
select.gif (489 Byte) what exactly is ignition-timing,
select.gif (489 Byte) why do I need to pay attention to the dwell angle?
select.gif (489 Byte) How does a carburetor work?
select.gif (489 Byte) The difference between a double venturi and a progressive carburetor
select.gif (489 Byte) a description of the 2CV carburetor.
vergbild.gif (3940 Byte)
The 4-stroke engine Basics:
select.gif (489 Byte) Here you can see a complete animation of a 4-stroke engine with an easy to understand explanation of the 4 steps.
ansaugen.GIF (2741 Byte)

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