brief.gif (2854 Byte)E-mails and FAQ's

Dear 2CV driver. In the meantime I get so many e-mails that I would need a secretary
to answer all your e-mails.

Before you send me a mail read this page first. Maybe your question can be answered.
If any question left please arrange it in that way that I can answer it without writing a book. 
Please no mails like: "My motor makes strange noises. What is wrong?"

Q: "How can I tune my 2CV motor?"
A: "Simply read my pages. All important contents are already in English."

Q: "How can I order?"
A: "Send me a mail with your address and transfer the money to my bank account."

Q: "How long will it take until I receive the ordered parts?"
A: "That is hard to say. It mainly depends on how fast your money it at my bank account.."

Q: "May I pay with Credit Card ?"
A: "No. Because it is to expensive for me."